Cancellations due to Corona Virus

Cancellations and Restrictions due to Covid-19     

Franklin Baptist Church  Franklin, VA


We do not take lightly the tough decisions we have had to make in light of the Covid-19 global pandemic. Everything from a loss of worship and formation, to the losses of fellowship, momentum and spirit are surely a part of deciding whether to gather as scheduled.


Here at Franklin Baptist Church, the decisions we write to announce are not so much borne of fear as they are out of love. Deciding to participate in the Governor’s statewide guidelines is a responsible act of citizenry that will hopefully also do our part. Everyone’s safety is our primary concern.


To that end, effective today March 16, Franklin Baptist Church is announcing

  • cancellations of normal Sunday worship/study schedules following VA recommendations
  • all Wednesday night activities 
  • the church staff will be working from their homes

The exceptions to this are our Tuesday and Wednesday AA and NA support groups, and smaller committees or teams that may need to meet at their discretion. This means we will miss Sundays including Easter Sunday, April 12. As we near the end of this period, appropriate staff and leadership will examine the prudence of continuing our normal schedule.


This is not ideal to make these adjustments. To borrow the words of fellow pastor Ginger Gaines-Cirelli, “Because in moments of anxiety and uncertainty, it is a grounding thing to be in the same space with other people in worship and prayer and song and community, to be reminded— concretely— that we aren’t alone. In a society that is already so often plagued with disconnection and isolation, this forced practice of distancing seems deeply counterintuitive.”


We feel that, and will long for a return to “normal” soon. As of now, for instance, this would mean that we would resume our normal Sunday and Wednesday schedule as of Sunday, June 14th.


Please hold your staff and leaders in prayer during this complicated time. Just as we lift you in prayer as well. We will long to gather God’s beloved right here at Franklin Baptist Church soon!




Dr. Charles L. Qualls, sr. pastor

In concert with Jim Davis (chair, Administrative Council) and Trina Stout (chair, Deacons)