Franklin Baptist Resumes In-Person Worship Services on March 28th!

Click below to view a Welcome Back Instruction Video:

Welcome Back Instruction Video


Franklin Baptist Resumes In-Person Worship Services March 28!
(11 a.m. Sundays in the Sanctuary and “Live” via Radio and Facebook)

Most of you are like us — we really want to be together again!

The church never closed. Far from it. However, it has been hard not being with the people we care so much about.

The majestic pipes of the organ just don’t sound the same through little computer speakers or your phone. The real-time spoken word of the sermon has a crispness in the room that gets mushy on a device. Right?

We are fortunate that the magic of Facebook “live!” and Go-to-Meeting or Zoom have allowed many of us to remain somewhat connected, even if only on a computer screen or via phone. So we can at least be thankful for these small blessings. Yet, we want to be physically present, see each other’s smiles in person and enjoy a sense of community that cannot be replicated online. So here is the latest on our plans for resuming.

Isn’t this going to be complicated?

(Don’t worry– we’re prepared for you!)

  • Simply enter the church on Sundays from the front High Street doorway; later you’ll exit onto the Breezeway also out front. All other entry points will be locked.
  • Ushers and special helpers will be on hand to greet you and to guide.
  • You’ll also see helpful signage as you enter the building.
  • Offering plates will be at the door so that no one has to touch or pass anything.
  • Communion Sundays, we’ll have sealed individual juice/wafer sets you can pick up at the doors.
  • At first, we’ll be offering Worship only. No Sunday School, no Wednesday programs. This is a starting place.

Things are going to be well worth coming back for, but they’ll be different.

How so? Let us walk you through some of the accommodations —

Given the nature of the shared ministry space, the decisions, and activities of any one of us affects all of us. We need to be extremely careful before resuming for the safety of our members and our staff. We want to do the right thing in the very best way possible.

By now, most of you know that the multiple factors of returning to worship will involve:

  • no bulletins
  • no passed offering plates
  • no singing and no choir
  • no nursery or childcare
  • no bathrooms (our service will remain brief!)
  • mandatory mask-wearing to and throughout services
  • physical distancing in pews
  • thorough sanitation and cleaning before and after worship by your staff
  • one-way entrance and exits

If you are in a high-risk category and still do not feel safe returning just yet, we understand. No one will look down on you. This is your decision and only you can know your comfort level. However, if you’ve simply become comfortable staying home in your PJs and drinking coffee during online worship —


your congregation needs you to be present and back in a rich fellowship right here. If we’ve all learned one thing during the drawn out months of the pandemic…it’s that we’re tired of Facebook and Zoom. Online simply isn’t an adequate substitute for being together in one space. Make the effort. You’ll be glad you did!

We’ll Need Your Cooperation

We plan to comply with all guidelines and best practices given to us by our state and the CDC. Your Administrative Council, in tandem with your Staff, want this to be the safest place possible. To that end, if you would say —

  • But my health won’t permit me to wear a mask, then please stay home.
  • I just don’t want to wear a mask. It violates my rights. Then please stay home.
  • I want to be able to hug my friends, shake hands and sit with whomever I want/wherever I want. We get it, but please stay home.

But if you love your neighbor as yourself — and if you’ve missed being here these months — get ready to come home to Franklin Baptist Church!

We hope to see you soon!