Our Vision

Every Member a Minister

  • Christ-like to one another

  • Christ-like in the community

  • Christ-like to the world

Our Mission

Franklin Baptist Church is to:

  • Provide opportunities for quality worship experiences.

  • Nurture believers in their walk with Christ through Christian education.

  • Encourage participation in missions.

  • Demonstrate Christ’s love in our community.

  • Live our mission in an environment of love, joy, and Christian fellowship.

Our History

We have been blessed with strong pastoral and lay leadership since our beginnings in 1871. We are more than buildings. From its inception, the church has been mission oriented local, state and worldwide. Recognized as being a progressive and moderate church, Franklin Baptist has benefited from the active involvement of women for over a century. Our church history is replete with members, both male and female who have been ordained and have served our church, other churches, and in the missions fields.

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Who We Are

Franklin Baptist Church is a fellowship of Christians who are Baptist in heritage and practice, inclusive in worship and outreach, intentional in mission, moderate in theology, and progressive in spirit. Membership is open to all Christians, regardless of denominational background. Rebaptism is not required for membership.
Since 1871 Franklin Baptist Church has been located in the heart of downtown Franklin, and the congregation comes from Franklin and the surrounding area.
The church embodies the principles of soul competency, local church autonomy and voluntary connectionalism. Because we believe that every individual is free and responsible for his or her relationship with God, the congregation places emphasis on lay leadership. As an autonomous church, the congregation is self-governing. We cooperate voluntarily with other churches in Franklin, Virginia, and the Baptist General Association of Virginia and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in order to fulfill our calling and accomplish God’s purposes.
Our mission is to provide opportunities for quality worship experiences with the living God; to nurture believers in their walk with Christ through Christian education; to encourage participation in missions through service, giving and prayer; to demonstrate the love of Christ in this community; and to carry out the mission in an environment of love, joy and Christian fellowship.

Rev. Dr. Charles Qualls

Senior Pastor


Rev. Jeremy Poplin

Associate Pastor/Music


Josephine Rabito

Administrative Assistant



Trina Stout

Child Care


Joe Benn

Maintenance Supervisor


Maintenance Assistant


Rev. Sharon E. James

Associate Pastor/ Education Emeritus


Rev. Steven R. Gibson

Associate Pastor/Music Emeritus